Bruce Momjian wrote:

> OK, I researched this and realized it should have been obvious to me
> when I added this code in 2006 that making the thousands separator
> always "," for a locale of "" was going to cause a problem.
I tested your patch and IMHO it breaks the glibc behavior. I'm providing
a SQL script [1] and a diff [2] showing the differences between before
and after applying it. In [2], I see a lot of common used (pt_*, es_*,
and fr_*) locales that we'll be changed. Is it the behavior we want to
support? I think we shouldn't try to fix glibc bug inside PostgreSQL (in
this case, use should accept "" as a possible value for thousands_sep).

> I don't think there is any change needed for the C locale.  That part
> seems fine, as Alvaro already pointed out.
I don't know about C locale, but it's broken too. In PostgreSQL, it's
following the en_US behavior. Comments?

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/a/pgsql$ ./a.out C
decimal_point: "."
thousands_sep: ""
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/a/pgsql$ ./a.out en_US
decimal_point: "."
thousands_sep: ","


  Euler Taveira de Oliveira

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