Marko Kreen escribió:
> On 11/23/07, Alvaro Herrera <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> > (If you are really interested in a fix for 7.3, let me know too ... I
> > couldn't even get plpython to run a trivial function due to RExec
> > issues.  I didn't try 7.2).
> RExec seems to hint that 7.3 can work only with python 2.2
> and below.  What version did you try it on?

I have 2.4.4 here.

> But no, I don't personally care about 7.3...

I must admit I was a bit annoyed at modifying 7.4's patch to fit and
then finding out that I couldn't test it.

Alvaro Herrera              
"If it wasn't for my companion, I believe I'd be having
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