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Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I am confused about two other items with MONEY.  First, why can't
> anything but a string be cast to this type?
>       test=> select 871234872319489323::money;
>       ERROR:  cannot cast type bigint to money
>       LINE 1: select 871234872319489323::money;
>                                          ^
>       test=> select 871234872::money;
>       ERROR:  cannot cast type integer to money
>       LINE 1: select 871234872::money;
>                                 ^
>       test=> select 87123487231.3::money;
>       ERROR:  cannot cast type numeric to money
>       LINE 1: select 87123487231.3::money;
>                                     ^

I agree.  I wasn't the one that added the meta information.

> And second, why are there no regression tests for MONEY.  I see it used
> only once in the rules test.

I think that scrappy added this into the code before we were so
vigorous about creating regression tests for everything.  I agree that
there should be something.  I personally unit test all my own code and
I am a big test booster.

I will look at adding something in.

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