Alvaro Herrera wrote:
Jorgen Austvik - Sun Norway wrote:

This patch will also make pg_regress fail if the directories are
missing, instead of silently ignoring the missing directories. If you
think this fail-fast behavior is undesirable, I can create a patch
that just ignores the files (todays behavior), or ignores them with a

This silent-skip behavior is there to avoid noise in other tests.  Try
the ecpg tests, contrib tests and src/pl tests.

OK, thank you for the pointers, I will look into this.

I will send out a new patch that is tested with those, and that does the silent-skip.

I didn't check the rest of the patch, but did you verify that it still
works in VPATH builds?

I saw two comments in the file mentioning VPATH, but I have no idea about what that is. Based on reading the code, I belive this patch should work better with VPATH (setting srcpath) than without, as it actually checks those folders instead of other folders.

Jørgen Austvik, Software Engineering
Database Technology Group

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