On Mon, 10 Dec 2007, Tom Lane wrote:

I concur with Alvaro that this case seems adequately covered by
        PGOPTIONS="-W n" pgbench ...

I started to disagree with this, but ultimately realized anyone who is running pgbench for long enough to get useful results shouldn't have their TPS impacted much at all by a few overhead seconds tacked onto the server startup.

I once wrote a similar patch to the one Dave submitted here and feel like it's worth committing at least a documentation patch to show how to deal with this. It's not obvious that pgbench pays attention to the environment variables at all, and it's even less obvious that you can pass what look like server options in there. I just poked around the documentation a bit and I didn't find anything that cleared up which options you can pass from a client; in addition to -W, I can imagine pgbench users might also want to use -S (sort memory) or -f (forbid scan/join types). If I can get someone to clarify what is supported there I can put together a pgbench doc patch that addresses this topic.

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