Tom Lane wrote:
Mark Kirkwood <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
I thought it made sense for CREATE TABLESPACE to attempt to create the top level location directory -

I thought we had deliberately made it not do that.  Auto-recreate during
replay sounds even worse.  The problem is that a tablespace would
normally be under a mount point, and auto-create has zero chance of
getting such a path right.

Ignoring this point is actually a fine recipe for destroying your data;
see Joe Conway's report a couple years back about getting burnt by a
soft NFS mount.  If the DB directory is not there, auto-creating it is
a horrible idea.

Hmm - ok, unmounted filesystems could bite you. However, they could bite folks creating the directory manually too...(I guess you could argue it is less likely though).

On the replay front, the use case I was thinking about is standby database - the classic foot gun there is to create a tablespace on source box and forget to add the appropriate directory on the target.... and bang! replay fails.

It does seem to me like there are scenarios where either behavior is undesirable... a possible option is a configuration parameter to choose between auto creation or not. However I'm happy to go with the consensus here - if its universally deemed to be a terrible idea, then let's ditch the patch :-)

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