Here is a fix for ecpg in 8.3 when the user name is specified by
variables on SQL CONNECT.

When we compile the following statement in ecpg:
    EXEC SQL CONNECT TO :dbname USER :usrname IDENTIFIED BY :usrpass;

ecpg in 8.2 compiles it correctly.
    { ECPGconnect(__LINE__, 0, dbname , usrname , usrpass , NULL, 0); }

but ecpg in 8.3beta4 returns wrong results.
    { ECPGconnect(__LINE__, 0, dbname , " $1 " , " $2 " , NULL, 0); }

It seems to come from the change of create_questionmarks() in

Variables are represented as "$%d" instead of "?" now.
The grammer of "user_name" should have followed the change.

ITAGAKI Takahiro
NTT Open Source Software Center

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