Greg Sabino Mullane wrote:
> No. While the original poster may have been making a separate comparison
> to MySQL, I can assure you that my impetus for doing this is not being
> driven by the behavior of the mysql client.

Then what is the motivation for this?  We have many sources of help.  I have 
never heard of any user not being able to find help.

> Having "help" do something 
> other than throw a syntax error is a very common feature in many
> interactive programs, for example openssl, gdb, ftp, bash, mail,
> telnet, and vim.

The difference with these tools is that they don't already tell you how to get 
help when you log in.

Now I have actually thought for a while whether we could get rid of the login 
text altogether.  I would support trading that for extended help options.  
But if the login note is there, then we don't need more help options.

Peter Eisentraut

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