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Hi. Sorry about the delay in the response.

No problem. thanks.

I needed other programs, in order to test what always built independent libpq.dll. Therefore, environment was considered variously. Then, I thought that a sample program was helpful. They are written to the document.

I understood that test example could not compile by MinGW (gcc).
Furthermore, there was a problem of some MS-VC+. and, some difference was in the document and the program. However, It is not a problem in the reason a document is explanation in standard environment. probably.

testlibpq4.c does not have description in a document. and, a program comment and operation were not in agreement...Therefore, a little change was given. I thinks that it is enough, in order to show an example.
error happen before patch apply.
I was able to do the satisfactory test after
However, only compile was performed by the reason AMD64 does not have test environment..now.

Please take this into consideration.

I'm not sure we want to keep sticking these external makefiles for things.
We specifically tried to get rid of a couple of those for 8.3 in other

Ahh, If it becomes surely, I will desire to continue making psql from a pair for libpq. http://winpg.jp/~saito/pg83/WIN32_BUILD_INF/psql_win32.mak I always try actual operation, in order to check the accuracy of nmake independent libpq.

I'm fine with the quick-fixes for the build.

Why do you comment out a couple of lines from testlo.c?

Ooooops, sorry...It was mistaken in confusion of work. "pickout" and "overwrite" also comment out the document so that they may see confusion of a result. Therfore, The same one as a document thought that it was good.

Comments from others?


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