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On Fri, Feb 08, 2008 at 09:29:31PM +0900, Hiroshi Saito wrote:
Hi Magnus.

I received the problem of 8.0.15 from the user in Japan, and we understood that there was a patch forgotten....

per report KAZUYA-ozawa.(this is shift-jis)

Of course, this version is the outside for support.
However, I want to leave record at least for the place of this ML.
CVS-HEAD will be corrected if possible.


As you have noted, 8.0 is not supported (and neither is 8.1) on Windows
anymore, so I don't think we should apply this patch.

Ah ok, I understand.

As for CVS-HEAD - are you saying the problem happens there as well? If so
we need a lot more details, because it seems to work for all others,
including the buildfarm members...

Oops, it is my typo.
not CVS-HEAD, it is  REL8_0_STABLE.


Hiroshi Saito

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