Hans-Juergen Schoenig wrote:
this is he last info which was issued ...

nothing in between ...

during the rm_cleanup() nothing was logged into the logs. this is the last log from today dawn:

[2008-02-11 03:45:16 CET ]LOG: lost parent for block 8558565
[2008-02-11 03:45:16 CET ]LOG: index 1663/16384/16578435 needs VACUUM or REINDEX to finish crash recovery [2008-02-11 03:45:16 CET ]DETAIL: Incomplete insertion detected during crash replay.
[2008-02-11 03:47:54 CET ]LOG: database system is ready
[2008-02-11 03:47:54 CET ]LOG: transaction ID wrap limit is 1073742476, limited by database "blids"

that's where it finished, nothing else was logged between the "redo done" and the last log messages

I bet you've bumped into a bug in gist redo code, the cleanup phase shouldn't take long. It's just for completing any incomplete splits by inserting pointers to upper-level pages, and there shouldn't be more than a few of those active at any point in time.

It looks like there's been quite a few changes to gistlog.c that haven't been back-patched. This one in particular might be relevant here:

revision 1.15
date: 2006-04-03 17:45:50 +0100;  author: tgl;  state: Exp;  lines: +15 -13;
Fix thinko in gistRedoPageUpdateRecord: if XLR_BKP_BLOCK_1 is set, we
don't have anything to do to the page, but we still have to adjust the
incomplete_inserts list that we're maintaining in memory.

Teodor, what do you think?

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