Dave Page wrote:
The attached patch fixes problems reported primarily on Vista, but
also on some Windows 2003 and XP installations in which initdb reports
that it cannot find postgres.exe.

A couple of minor nitpicks:

Regarding the AddUserToDaclCleanup helper function, I would suggest putting all the cleanups at the end of AddUserToDacl, jump to the cleanup section with a goto. That's a commonly used pattern to do it. One problem with the Cleanup function is that if you need to add more cleanup code (probably not likely in this case, though), you need to modify the function signature and all callers.

The comment in AddUserToDacl says "This is required on Windows machines running some of Microsoft's latest security patches on XP/2K3, and on Vista/Longhorn boxes". The security patches we're talking about are not going to be the latest for very long; might want to rephrase that.

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