Am Montag, den 25.02.2008, 15:27 +0100 schrieb Peter Eisentraut:
> Am Dienstag, 27. November 2007 schrieb Mathias Hasselmann:
> > I don't know, if the 4th patch adding subtypes describing Postgresql's
> > capabilities is wanted by the Postgresql community. Being a desktop guy,
> > using Postgresql as embedded database, I'd really like to see all of the
> > patches merged, but I could imagine some opposition against the verbose
> > nature of the subtypes patch.
> I am not convinced about the usefulness of the subtypes patch.  The examples 
> you cite -- FTP, bittorrent, distcc -- are cases where a client could pick 
> the most appropriate server from a set of equivalent instances.  I don't see 
> how this can be useful in a PostgreSQL setting, at least not based on the 
> parameters server version and protocol version that you implemented.

Well, I could imagine certain cases, where applications only want to
list Postgresql servers newer than release x.y - since they depend on
certain new features of that release.

But you could be right, that the approach I've implemented only allows
filtering for "revision == x.y", but not the intended "revision >= x.y".

So maybe the release number, or a feature list (similar the capability
list of SMTP) should be put into the announcement's TXT record.

Well, but I do not consider that sub-type feature that important.

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