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Zdenek Kotala wrote:

Please, Day names does not have capitalized first letter in Czech language. We have "pondeli" as a Monday. If locale does not do that it is probably intention :-).

Hmmm... I don't know about that. I do it that way 'cause I'm concerned about some locales that don't capitalize (see above). In my head,
(i) 'TMMonth' is February, Fevereiro, Febrero, Únor;
(ii) 'TMmonth' is february, fevereiro, febrero, únor;

How would we handle that case? Is it wrong to write "Únor"?

Yes it is. Only if it is a first word in a sentence or name you should use "Ú". Also name of day is 'pondělí' (Monday) with small p

If I read description of "Month" pattern, it says "full mixed-case month name (blank-padded to 9 chars)". By my opinion this patter should keep standard locale behavior - it means for English February, for Czech únor.


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