> Attached is a patch that replaces the lc_messages with 
> lc_time when using to_char in translation mode (TM) [1]. It 
> doesn't change the output behaviour. Per discussion [2], it's 
> using some cache mechanism so we don't need to call 
> setlocale() all the time.

Have you tested this patch on MSVC and MinGW (Windows) builds?
changing LC_MESSAGES/LC_TIME will most probably break the Windows behavior.

> Some issues:
> (i) some locales don't capitalize the first letter. I'm using
> pg_toupper() to do the job but I'm afraid it's not 
> appropriated. 

AFAIK, some locales like the Dutch doesn't have capitalized first letters
for month/day. 
Making the first letter capitalized for all values would be incorrect.


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