Peter Eisentraut wrote:
Another thing that is concerning me about this new approach is the way the probes are named. For example, we'd now have a call


in the code. This does not say we are *tracing* lock aquisition, but it looks like a macro that actually acquires a lock.
Definitely a valid concern.
I understand that these probe names follow some global naming scheme. Is it hard to change that? I'd feel more comfortable with, say, (D)TRACE_POSTGRESQL_LWLOCK_ACQUIRE().
Because the macro is auto generated and follows certain naming conventions, prepending TRACE_ will not work. If you did that, the probe name will be called "postgresql-lwlock-aquire" and the provider will be "trace" which is not what we want.

To avoid the confusion, how about just adding a simple comment like /* DTrace probe or Trace point or something similar */ before all occurrences of the macro calls?


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