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Alvaro Herrera wrote:
> I just modified the interactions in sinval.c and sinvaladt.c per
> It looks a lot saner this way: the code that actually deals with the
> queue, including locking etc, is all in sinvaladt.c.  This means that
> the struct definition of the queue, and the queue pointer, are now
> internal "implementation details" inside sinvaladt.c.
> One side effect of this change is that the call to SendPostmasterSignal
> now occurs after the lock has been released.  ISTM this is a good idea
> on general principles (no syscalls in lwlocked code), but I'm wondering
> if I created a thundering hoard problem that did not exist before.
> All tests pass.
> As a test of Review Board, I uploaded the patch to it:
> -- 
> Alvaro Herrera                      
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