Tom Lane wrote:
> Euler Taveira de Oliveira <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Edwin Groothuis wrote:
> >> Is it possible to make it a WARNING instead of an ERROR? Right now I get:
> >> 
> > No. All of the other types emit an ERROR if you're trying an out of 
> > range value.
> I don't think that follows.  A tsearch index is lossy anyway, so there's

Uh, the index is lossy but I thought it was lossy in a way that just
required additional heap accesses, not lossy in that it doesn't index

I think just indexing what we can and throwing away the rest is a MySQL
approach we don't want to take.  We could throw a warning on truncation
but that seems wrong too.

I am concerned a 1mb limit is too low though.  Exactly why can't we have
a higher limit?  Is positional information that significant?

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