Tom Lane wrote:
This patch seems broken in a number of ways.  Why are you removing
-DLINUX_PROFILE, for example?  Are you sure you don't need -D_GNU_SOURCE?
And why add -DSUNOS4_CC, which is a Solaris-specific define (not that
we seem to be using it anywhere anymore)?  Do we really have to have a
configure-time probe to detect this particular compiler?
You are right, removing -DLINUX_PROFILE seems to break profiling
on linux when compiled with sun studio.

I am not quite sure about the desired usage of _GNU_SOURCE and SUNOS4_CC macros. I would not expect _GNU_SOURCE to be defined when compiling sources with Sun Studio. I am not quite sure why SUNOS4_CC was supposed to be defined at all for Solaris as well. There are already enough macros defined -- "__sun" is defined on Solaris by both Sun Studio and gcc and "__SUNPRO_C" is defined by Sun Studio on both Linux and Solaris.

Should we then remove _GNU_SOURCE and SUNOS4_CC macro definitions from
the build scripts since they are not used at all in the source code?

Configure-time probe for sun studio is required to create tas.s link to the proper file - sunstudio_x86.s (or sunstudio_sparc.s). This is done during a run of a configure script based on settings for the platform. Since these settings may vary on the same platform
based on the compiler we need to have a configure-time probe.
But I guess the *real* question is why anyone would care ... what
benefit is there to using Sun's compiler on Linux?
Some tools bundled with sun studio might be used. I personally run into this
when I wanted to debug postgres with sun studio ide and wanted to compile
it first. It is based on netbeans, written in java so it needs a big enough memory,
however it offers a great possibility to explore postgres internals during
a query execution, etc. It is especially useful, if you do not know what you are interested in during a compilation. I am using this to step over join order search
plugins. I mostly use Solaris for this but I switched to linux for a while.

I wrote a blog with more details about this.
There is also a screenshot showing how it looks in action

Also, there was some message a while back on pgsql-bugs from Len Zaifman requesting
this as well.



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