Heikki Linnakangas wrote:

> Nope, that's not good. Per comments in tqual.c, you have to call  
> TransactionIdIsInProgress *before* TransactionIdDidCommit, to avoid this  
> race condition:
> 1. Xact A inserts a record
> 2. Xact B does TransactionIdDidCommit, which retuns false because it's  
> still in progress
> 3. Xact B commits
> 4. Xact B does TransactionIdIsInProgress to see if A is still in  
> progress. It returns false. We conclude that A aborted, while it  
> actually committed.

Ah, right -- I knew there was a reason for the other coding, I just
didn't remember what it was and based my transformation purely on the
snippet you posted.

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