It seems to me some of SE-PostgreSQL patches are not delivered yet,
although [3/4] and [4/4] were already done.

Does anti-spam system caught my previous three messages?
If necessary, I will send them again.


Kohei KaiGai wrote:
> The series of patches are the proposal of Security-Enhanced PostgreSQL
> (SE-PostgreSQL) for the upstreamed PostgreSQL 8.4 development cycle.
>  [1/4] sepostgresql-pgace-8.4devel-3.patch
>          provides PGACE (PostgreSQL Access Control Extension) framework
>  [2/4] sepostgresql-sepgsql-8.4devel-3.patch
>          provides SE-PostgreSQL feature, based on PGACE framework.
>  [3/4] sepostgresql-pg_dump-8.4devel-3.patch
>          enables pg_dump to dump database with security attribute.
>  [4/4] sepostgresql-policy-8.4devel-3.patch
>          provides the default security policy for SE-PostgreSQL.
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