I've submitted 5 patches in Jan/Feb, none of which appear on the patch
status page for the CommitFest, or any other status page I'm aware of.
There *is* a comment on that page about "Minor Recovery..." which was a
patch from me that was committed to 8.3 on 26 Sep 2007, so that item can
be removed from the list.

My understanding of status on them is this:

* Bulk Insert tuning - 26 Feb
Reviewed and changes agreed. With me to complete patch.

* TransactionIdIsInProgress cache
Committed on 11 Mar

* Truncate Triggers - 30 Jan
Not reviewed yet.
This is a fully tested and production ready patch, apart from a few
sections of #ifdef'd code that were intended as stubs to show how we
might implement a brief suggestion of Tom's as an extension to the
concept of Truncate Triggers. I think we can ignore that and look to
apply the patch, minus the #ifdef'd sections now. Happy to produce a
clean patch with no #ifdef'd sections if that assists review.

* sinval contention reduction - 25 Jan
A discussion patch prior to some performance testing which subsequently
never took place. FWIW I have an updated patch which I haven't yet
published but haven't yet had access to a test machine to try this at
high volumes.

* Doc patch for bug 3877 - 17 Jan
Ready to be applied.

My understanding is that all prior patches of mine have been dealt with.

  Simon Riggs
  2ndQuadrant  http://www.2ndQuadrant.com 

  PostgreSQL UK 2008 Conference: http://www.postgresql.org.uk

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