Tom Lane napsal(a):
Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Where are we on this?  Tom thinks we don't want this.  TODO has:
        * Prefix command-line utilities like createuser with 'pg_'

I think we need to make a decision.

Well, I don't have any particular objection to adding pg_ prefixes
as alternate names for the existing scripts.  However, it's not clear
what is the point unless we have the intention to remove the old names
at some time in the foreseeable future.  And the consensus of the
previous thread on -patches seemed to be that nobody except Zdenek
was very eager to do that.

Yeah, I have to had two reason for this patch. First is my personal, because I don't like these names since 1999. And second is that Solaris architects do not like these names. Especially createdb and createuser. It could clash with some system utility.

In any case, there is no value in discussing this further on -patches
since the readers of this list already weighed in.  If you want to
make a decision then it needs to be made on -hackers or -general.

I think both are important (maybe general is more important). Maybe we can put also a survey on webpage.

On other side. The question is also if we really still need these utilities? If you look on them there are missing features. E.g vacuumdb does not allow make VACUUM FREEZ or set some modern version of vacuum parameters. There is not createtablespace command and so on...


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