Tom Lane wrote:
> Alvaro Herrera <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Agreed, it makes a lot more sense considered in this light.  I renamed
> > snapshot.{c,h} into snapmgmt.{c,h}, hopefully making the intent clearer.
> I'd have gone with snapmgr.h/c for consistency with existing filenames
> (bufmgr, lmgr, etc).

Doh!  Sorry.  We're at the best time for changing the name, since the
file has no history.  Shall I?

> > One thing I'm unhappy about is that tqual.h needs to be included in
> > heapam.h (which is included just about everywhere) just to get the
> > definition of the HTSU_Result enum, which is a bit useless because it is
> > only used in three switch statements that contain a "default" clause
> > anyway.  I propose changing the result type of heap_update, heap_delete
> > and heap_lock_tuple to a plain int.
> I don't like that very much.  What about just moving the HTSU_Result
> enum's declaration somewhere else?  Two possibilities are heapam.h
> itself, or the new snapshot.h file (which'd then have to be included
> by heapam.h, but it seems lightweight enough that that's not too
> terrible).

Well, heapam.h includes a lot of other headers, so it doesn't look a
good candidate to me.  I think snapshot.h is a reasonably good

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