Albe Laurenz wrote:
Moreover, if Shutdown == SmartShutdown, new connections won't be accepted,
and nobody can connect and call pg_stop_backup().
So even if I'd add a check for
(pmState == PM_WAIT_BACKENDS) && !BackupInProgress() somewhere in the
ServerLoop(), it wouldn't do much good, because the only way for somebody
to cancel online backup mode would be to manually remove the file.

Good point.

So the only reasonable thing to do on smart shutdown during an online
backup is to have the shutdown request fail, right? The only alternative being
that a smart shutdown request should interrupt online backup mode.

Or we can add another state, PM_WAIT_BACKUP, before PM_WAIT_BACKENDS, that allows new connections, and waits until the backup ends.

  Heikki Linnakangas

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