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> There's a bunch of mails in the patch queue about the indexam API, so we need
> to discuss that.
> The first question is: do we want to refactor the bitmap index scan API, if we
> don't have any immediate use for it? Namely, since we don't have anyone
> actively working on the bitmap index patch nor the git patch.

I haven't read the patch. My understanding from the discussion is that it
would allow callers of the indexam to receive a hunk of index pointers and
process them rather than have to wait for the complete index scan to finish
before processing any. Is that it?

In general I think we need to be more open to incremental improvements. I
think there are several fronts on which we refuse patches to do X because it's
useless without Y and have nobody working on Y because they would have to
solve X first.

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