Tom Lane wrote:
> Magnus Hagander <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > A whole lot simpler patch :-)
> Seems like you no longer need the !defined(_DIRMOD_C) bit here?

Correct. That wasn't the actual error, that was me misdiagnosing the

> Also please include a comment about why <sys/stat.h> has to be
> forcibly included.

Will do.

> A more general question: can't we get rid of most of the #ifdef WIN32
> cruft in include/port.h, and put it in include/port/win32.h instead?
> Seems cleaner that way, at least for things where there's just an
> #ifdef WIN32 hunk and not two cases for Win and not-Win.

Yeah, that one has been on my TODO for a while. 

We may not be able to move everything because one file is included
early in the pass of c.h and one much later, but the majority of the
stuff we have there shouldn't care about which order it goes in at.


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