Tom Lane wrote:
Andrew Chernow <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
The attached patch replaces the win32 mutex calls with critical section calls. The change will not affect the behavior of the windows pthread_xxx functions.

Why have you defined the lock/unlock functions as willing to fall
through silently if handed a null pointer?  I think a crash in
such a case is what we *want*.  Silently not locking is surely
not very safe.

                        regards, tom lane

Yeah, both naughty.

These functions were not implemented to spec. These pthread functions are all supposed to return an int (which is an errno value). I was trying not to change the existing prototypes ... should I? I can return EINVAL if something is NULL and ENOMEM if the malloc fails ... or just dump core.

If you like the return value idea, I can make all occurances of pthread_xxx check the return value.

Andrew Chernow
eSilo, LLC
every bit counts

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