Magnus Hagander wrote:
> I just tried the MSVC build on a system with ActiveState Perl 5.10,
> it doesn't work. Some quick debugging before I downgraded to 5.8
> that this regexp in line 262:
>     my $replace_re = qr{^([^:\n\$]+\.c)\s*:\s*(?:%\s*:
> matches things properly using Perl 5.8 in for example
> src/bin/initdb/Makefile (matches a total of around 10 Makefiles), but
> in 5.10 it simply does not match anything...
> Any perl guru out there who can comment on why? ;-)

The answer is actually simple, the \n needs the multiline modifier,
and thus the m needs to be part of the quote-like operator.

The perl doc states:
        "This operator quotes (and possibly compiles) its STRING"
(it seems 5.8 did not compile, but 5.10 does)

I feel that it is rather not a perl bug, and that the modifiers need to
be put
on the qr{}. I do not quite see why this re needs to be multiline in the
first place,
but I have not touched that in the attached patch, that is ready to
(modification works in perl 5.6, 5.8, 5.10)



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