[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Bryce Nesbitt) writes:
> Alvaro Herrera wrote:
>> People [are] complaining here that we don't teach people here anyway, so
>> hopefully my comments were still useful :-)
> Yes they are useful.  As a new patcher, where should I look for coding
> standards?  How about a little FAQ at the
> top of the CVS source tree?
> Though, darn it, I sure like //
> And my vi is set to:
>  set sw=4
>  set ts=4
>  set expandtab
> Because my corporate projects require spaces not tabs.

Note that you can find config for vim and emacs to get them to support the 
coding standards in:


For vim, the essentials are thus:

:if match(getcwd(), "/pgsql") >=0 ||  match(getcwd(), "/postgresql") >= 0
:  set cinoptions=(0
:  set tabstop=4
:  set shiftwidth=4

The hooks are slightly different (though not by spectacularly much,
somewhat surprisingly) for Emacs...
let name="cbbrowne" and tld="cbbrowne.com" in name ^ "@" ^ tld;;
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