Bryce Nesbitt wrote:
> The newline handling code was, by far, the most complex part of this 
> patch.  While I think it would be nicer to "filter up" past the newline, 
> I just don't see this as a common need.  Large text fields with newlines 
> are difficult to really view in psql anyway, and they are likely to be 
> the longest columns in any given query.   Bottom line: not worth messing 
> with.

OK, we can always return to it.

> I'm split on the new formatting style.  It looks a lot less "grid-like", 
> which I might like once I get used to it (which will be a while, because 
> I can't run my own patch in daily use, as my servers are too old).  I 
> use a version of the wrapping patch that I backported to postgres 8.1, 
> which was prior to multibyte support, and much much simpler.

What "new formatting style" are you referring to above? Did I modify
what you sent as the original patch?

> I got this warning compiling:
> print.c:784: warning: pointer targets in passing argument 1 of 
> ?mb_strlen_max_width? differ in signedness
> And I did have trouble applying the patch -- I had to manually give it 
> the filename, and tell it to reverse the patch.

OK, fixed.

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