Hiroshi Saito wrote:
Anyway. If you get references to it, you need to pull in port/dirmod.c
into psql as well. Normally, it would get this through libpgport, but
it looks like your custom makfile is pulling the files in directly
instead. So adding dirmod to the list of stuff from src/port should
hopefully fix your problem.

Um, win32.mak of libpq needed to add dirmod.c --
libpq.lib(fe-connect.obj) : error LNK2001: (snip-sjis message) "_pgwin32_safestat"

Then, Is containing in libpq wrong? I'm confused for a while...

Yes, you are missing something :-)

The patch for win32.mak I'm happy to apply, it looks fine.

The patch for exports.txt does not look fine.

Can you confirm that you can build things properly *with* the patch to win32.mak but *without* the patch to exports.txt?

Also, I assume this needs to be backpatched?


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