I already applied a different patch for this quite some time ago. So what's in HEAD (and current in 8.3 and 8.2) should be fixed already.


Zubkovsky, Sergey wrote:

Here is the patch.
Check it, please.

Locations of the added files:

Thank you.

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Zubkovsky, Sergey wrote:
In the prepared custom build of PG 8.3.1 the native MSVC's stat() was
rewrote by adding GetFileAttributesEx() to correct stat's st_size value.
I had seen that a result of MSVC's stat() and a result of
GetFileAttributesEx() may be differ by the file size values at least.
The most important thing is the test in the original post
( http://archives.postgresql.org/pgsql-docs/2008-03/msg00041.php )
doesn't reproduce any inconsistence now.
All work fine.

This was tested on my WinXP SP2 platform but I suppose it will work on
any NT-based OS.

If you have a patch, please send it to the -patches list.



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