George Gensure escribió:
> I've done a quick write up for reload time reporting from the
> administration TODO.  I was a little paranoid with the locking, but
> didn't want problems to occur with signals on the postmaster and the
> read side.

I'd say too much -- postmaster runs with signals blocked all the time
(except during select()) so this is not necessary there.

Regarding the locking on backends, I admit I am not sure if this is
really a problem enough that you need a spinlock for it.  Anyway we tend
not to use spinlocks too much -- probably an LWLock would be more
apropos, if a lock is really needed.  (A bigger question is whether the
reload time should be local for each backend, or exposed globally
through MyProc.  I don't think it's interesting enough to warrant that,
but perhaps others think differently.)

Lastly, I didn't read the patch close enough to tell if it would work on
both the EXEC_BACKEND case and the regular one.

Alvaro Herrera                      
The PostgreSQL Company - Command Prompt, Inc.

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