"Mark Wong" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I saw a that a patch was committed that exposed a configure switch for
> BLCKSZ.  I was hoping that I could do that same for XLOG_BLCKSZ.  I
> think I got the configure.in, sgml, pg_config_manual.h, and
> pg_config.h.in changes correct.

Applied with minor changes:

* I thought it better to call the switch --with-wal-blocksize than
--with-xlog-blocksize.  Although we've not been terribly consistent
about it, there is more user-facing documentation that calls it WAL
than XLOG.

* I added a --with-wal-segsize switch as well.

It's not totally clear what the allowed ranges of the settings should
be.  The method of using a shell "case" to verify the setting validity
is kinda klugy, but I couldn't offhand think of a direct test for
"is this a power of 2" at the shell level, so it seems we need to be

                        regards, tom lane

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