Magnus Hagander wrote:
> Attached patch adds some error checking to the thread locking stuff in
> libpq. Previously, if thread locking failed for some reason, we would
> just fall through and do things without locking. This patch makes us
> abort() instead. It's not the greatest thing probably, but our API
> doesn't let us pass back return values...

I have looked over the patch and it seems fine, though I am concerned
about the abort() case with no output.  I realize stderr might be going
nowhere, but in fe-print.c we do an fprintf(stderr) for memory failures
so for consistency I think we should do the same here.  If there is
concern about code bloat, I suggest a macro at the top of the file for
thread failure exits:

        #define THEAD_FAILURE(str) \
        do { \
                fprintf(stderr, libpq_gettext("Thread failure:  %s\n")); \
                exit(1); \
        } while(0)

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