Tom Lane wrote:
> Fujii Masao <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > This is the patch replace offnum++ by OffsetNumberNext.
> > According to off.h, OffsetNumberNext is the macro prepared to
> > disambiguate the different manipulations on OffsetNumbers.
> > But, increment operator was used in some places instead of the macro.
> I wonder if we shouldn't go the other way, ie, use ++ everywhere.
> OffsetNumberNext seems like just useless obscurantism ...

The only value I saw to OffsetNumberNext was the fact is does int16
increment, with casting.  There is also the comment:

 *      Increments/decrements the argument.  These macros look pointless
 *      but they help us disambiguate the different manipulations on
 *      OffsetNumbers (e.g., sometimes we subtract one from an
 *      OffsetNumber to move back, and sometimes we do so to form a
 *      real C array index).

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