Bruce Momjian wrote:

> I know we decided not to do that, but I am trying to figure out what the
> goal if 'help' is?  To display the most frequently-used help commands? 
> Aren't they at the top of \?.

The purpose of 'help' is to provide useful help.  If it only says "see \?"
then it's just redirecting you somewhere else, which isn't useful.

I don't think the various help commands need to be completely
orthogonal.  If you agree with that, then making 'help' repeat part of
what \? says is acceptable.  (Of course, the idea is not just to repeat,
but also to provide useful advice to the unwary.)

Remember, the people who is going to type 'help' is not the 10-year-Pg-
experience types.  It's the newbies.

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