Bruce Momjian wrote:
Andrew Dunstan wrote:
Not sure why ware are not.  Should we enabled that code on Win32 and see
how it works?  Can you test it? Was it some MinGW limitation?  I do see
isatty() being used on lots of platforms.

This is kind of odd.  Ah, I bet it came from libpq's PQprint(), which I
think we had working on Win32 long before we had psql working and
perhaps I copied it from there.  I don't see the Win32 checks around
isatty() anywhere else.

In fact, it looks to me like it would be much more sensible to #include "settings.h" and then simply test pset.notty for all platforms.
Yes, we could do that but does the isatty() value ever change while psql
is running?  When you do '\g filename' does stdout then have isatty as
Good point. I think the best thing would just be to remove the #ifndef WIN32 / #endif lines

OK, patch applied to remove the Win32 test in both places.

This broke the buildfarm and finally explains the following kluge which has been puzzling me for four years:

* for some reason MinGW (and MSVC) outputs an extra newline, so this
        * suppresses it
#ifndef WIN32
       fputc('\n', fout);

I have removed the kluge (and yes, I tested it).



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