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Zdenek Kotala <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Tom Lane napsal(a):
On the other hand, I remain unconvinced that this problem is severe
enough to justify much backporting work.  AFAIK we've only seen one
occurence of a problem to date.

I know about two occurrence. One was reported on -bug (
and second was reported from our customer.

I'm still not impressed.  Bear in mind that the patch you are so eager
to backport has received *zero* field testing, which means there's a
non-negligible risk that there's something wrong with it.

Our customers uses the patch (version 8.2) on 2TB heavy loaded table which contains text field with average size ~10kB. He have used it for two months without any problem. I think it is good field testing. It helped him to fix corrupted data problems without any random crash or downtime.

Add on the
non-negligible risk of messing up something associated with back-porting
the earlier patch, and consider that back-branch minor releases go out
with no field testing to speak of (there's the build farm but that's
about it).  You have to seriously question whether the risk is worth
what is surely an extremely marginal stability improvement.

I don't need it to backport to 8.1 and older. Yeah, It was my eager activity. I'm happy with 8.3 and 8.2 backport.

                thanks Zdenek

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