Teodor Sigaev wrote:
>> 2) fast insert into GIN
> New version:
> http://www.sigaev.ru/misc/fast_insert_gin-0.6.gz
> Changes:
> - added option FASTUPDATE=(1|t|true|on|enable|0|f|false|disable) for
>   CREATE/ALTER command for GIN indexes
> - Since there wasn't any comments on first email, pg_am.aminsertcleanup 
> optional
>   method was introduced.

Hmm, this alters the semantics of amvacuumcleanup a bit.  Currently in
btvacuumcleanup we invoke btvacuumscan only if btbulkdelete was not
called.  This is noticed by observing whether the "stats" pointer is
NULL.  However, the patch changes this a bit because
index_vacuum_cleanup is called with the results of index_insert_cleanup,
instead of a plain NULL.

Right now this is not a problem because there is no insert_cleanup
function for btree, but I wonder if we should clean it up.

FWIW there's a typo in catalogs.sgml (finction -> function)

What's the use of the FASTUPDATE parameter?  Is there a case when a user
is interested in turning it off?

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