Greg Sabino Mullane wrote:
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> Tom Lane replied:
> >> Documentation patch by Kevin L. McBride explaining LOCK_DEBUG options
> >> in detail.
> > Should this stuff really go into the SGML documentation, when these
> > options will certainly never be enabled anywhere except in developers'
> > private builds?  A few lines of comments in pg_config_manual.h seems
> > a more appropriate solution.
> Call me a traditionalist, but I like all the documentation in one place,
> even if some of it it seldom used. For the record, these options have
> been enabled by myself and others in production systems for debugging
> purposes, and the lack of detail in that section while doing so led to
> the patch. The docs also has the advantage of being more available,
> searchable, and found via the web.

Agreed, applied.

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