Simon Riggs wrote:
> Is autovacuum doing a wraparound-avoiding VACUUM?
> Currently, no easy way to tell.
> Patch to change message of autovac in pg_stat_activity when we are
> performing an anti-wraparound VACUUM.

I just obsoleted this patch.  The new patch should be easier to do
though -- just a one line change I think.

I don't like your wording though; it feels too verbose (and you're
losing the ANALYZE in case it's doing both things).  How about 

        snprintf(activity, MAX_AUTOVAC_ACTIV_LEN,
                "autovacuum: VACUUM%s%s", vac
                tab->at_doanalyze ? " ANALYZE" : "",
                tab->at_wraparound ? " (wraparound)" : "");

You're not proposing it for 8.3 right?

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