daveg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Here is an updated version of this patch against head. It builds, runs and
> functions as expected. I did not build the sgml.

Applied with mostly minor cosmetic improvements --- the only actual
error I noticed was failing to check whether the server version supports

In most cases our policy has been that pg_dumpall should accept and pass
through any pg_dump option for which it's sensible to do so. I did not
make that happen but it seems it'd be a reasonable follow-on patch.

A minor point is that the syntax "-X lock-wait-timeout=n" or
"-X lock-wait-timeout n" won't work, although perhaps people used to
-X might expect it to.  Since we deprecate -X (and don't even document
it anymore), I thought that making this work would be much more trouble
than it's worth, but perhaps that's open to argument.

                        regards, tom lane

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