On Mon, 2008-07-21 at 07:46 -0400, Stephen Frost wrote:
> * Simon Riggs ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> > The options split the dump into 3 parts that's all: before the load, the
> > load and after the load.
> > 
> > --schema-pre-load says
> > "Dumps exactly what <option>--schema-only</> would dump, but only those
> > statements before the data load."
> > 
> > What is it you are suggesting? I'm unclear.
> That part is fine, the problem is that elsewhere in the documentation
> (patch line starting ~774 before, ~797 after, to the pg_dump.sgml) you
> change it to be "objects required before data loading", which isn't the
> same.

OK, gotcha now - will change that. I thought you might mean something
about changing the output itself.

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