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> 1) A refactoring of calls to Rmgr code from xlog.c, and having isolated
> the code for rmgrs then to allow rmgr plugins to modify and/or add rmgrs
> to Postgres. Includes additional code to generate log messages so we can
> see what is happening after plugin has executed.

Why do we need to set rmgr_hook in _PG_init(), and add or mofify rmgrs
in our hook functions? I think it is possible to modify RmgrTable
directly in _PG_init() instead of to have rmgr_hook. If we can do so,
the patch would be more simple, no? Am I missing something?

Index: src/backend/access/transam/rmgr.c
--- src/backend/access/transam/rmgr.c   (head)
+++ src/backend/access/transam/rmgr.c   (new)
@@ -25,1 +25,1 @@
-const RmgrData RmgrTable[RM_MAX_ID + 1] = {
+RmgrData RmgrTable[MAX_NUM_RMGRS + 1] = {

ITAGAKI Takahiro
NTT Open Source Software Center

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