Alex Hunsaker napsal(a):

# NOTE not on the same machine as the "narrow" test was run!

# spit out 2, 000, 000 random 100 length strings
perl > data.sql
create table test_hash (wide text);
copy test_hash from './data.sql';
create index test_hash_num_idx on test_hash using hash (wide);

select a.wide from test_hash as a inner join test_hash as b on b.wide
= a.wide where a.wide =

# ^ that string is in data.sql

# 3 runs each
pgbench -c1 -n -t100000 -f bench.sql
cvs head: tps = 5073.463498, 5110.620923, 4955.347610
v5:           tps = 5870.681336, 5740.007837, 5699.002942

What locale did you use? It would be nice to have also comparing between C and any UTF8 locale. I think we should see big benefit when non C locale is used.

                Thanks Zdenek

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