powa relies on extensions (pg_stat_statements, pg_qualstats) that needs to be installed in every database you want to monitor. Maybe you just installed them only into postgres database?!

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Am 18.11.2017 um 02:52 schrieb Neto pr:
Dear all

I have successfully installed POWA (http://dalibo.github.io/powa), including all required extensions, see the following Printscreen of its operation of end email.

But when executing queries in psql- comand line, this queries are not monitored by powa. I have checked that only Postgresql internal catalog queries are shown. . I need the Optimize Query functionality and mainly the suggestion of indexes. But that does not work, by clicking on the optimize query option, returns zero suggestions.

See below that I created a scenario, with a table with a large amount of data, to check if the tool would suggest some index, and when making a complex query, no index is suggested.

Someone uses POWA, knows if they have to configure something so that the queries are monitored and show suggestions ??

---------------------- Printscreens of my environment partially working:--------------


------------------------ scenario to verify the suggestion of indices --------------------
postgres=# create table city_habitant (number_habitant text);
postgres=# insert into  city_habitant (number_habitant) select 'São Paulo' from (select generate_series (1, 4000000)) a;
INSERT 0 4000000
postgres=# insert into  city_habitant (number_habitant) select 'Rio de Janeiro' from (select generate_series (1, 8000000)) a;
INSERT 0 8000000
postgres=# insert into  city_habitant (number_habitant) select 'Recife' from (select generate_series (1, 6000000)) a;
INSERT 0 6000000
postgres=# insert into  city_habitant (number_habitant) select 'Santos' from (select generate_series (1, 2000000)) a;
INSERT 0 2000000
postgres=# insert into  city_habitant (number_habitant) select 'Chui' from (select generate_series (1, 6)) a;
postgres=# SELECT number_habitant, count(number_habitant) FROM  city_habitant GROUP BY number_habitant;
  number_habitant   |  count
  Rio de Janeiro    | 8000000
  Recife                 | 6000000
  Santos                | 2000000
  São Paulo          | 4000000
  Chui                   |  6
(5 rows)

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