2017-12-08 2:12 GMT+01:00 Flávio Henrique <yoshi...@gmail.com>:

> Hi experts!
> I read this nice article about Understanding EXPLAIN [1] weeks ago that
> opened my mind about the tool, but it seems no enough to explain a lot of
> plans that I see in this list.


I often read responses to a plan that are not covered by the article.
> I need/want to know EXPLAIN better.
> Can you kindly advise me a good reading about advanced EXPLAIN?
There's not much out there. This document was written after reading this
list, viewing some talks (you may find a lot of them on youtube), and
reading the code.

I intend to update this document, since I learned quite more since 2012.
Though I didn't find the time yet :-/

Anyway, thanks.


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