The system catalogs located in the global directory but the global
directory isnt so big(500K). As I mentioned, the base directory is huge and
the directory 16400 is the biggest inside. I checked some big files inside
the directory 16400 (which represents the commbit database) and for some
there *isnt an object that match* and for some there are. So, How can I
continue ?

2017-12-12 17:49 GMT+02:00 Tom Lane <>:

> "David G. Johnston" <> writes:
> > On Tue, Dec 12, 2017 at 8:15 AM, Mariel Cherkassky <
> >> wrote:
> >> And the bigger question, Where are the missing 180G ?
> > ‚ÄčIn the toaster probably...
> pg_total_relation_size should have counted the toast tables,
> as well as the indexes, if memory serves.
> What I'm wondering about is the system catalogs, which Mariel's
> query explicitly excluded.  180G would be awful darn large for
> those, but maybe there's a bloat problem somewhere.
> Otherwise, try to identify the largest individual files in the
> database directory ...
>                         regards, tom lane

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